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Rodeln | Spass abseits der Piste | Winterurlaub im Hotel Senningerbräu
Hotel Senningerbräu | Panoramen
Hotel Senningerbräu | Panoramen

Toboggan runs on and nearby the Wildkogel

Fun and excitement for the entire family

There’s a lot happening beyond the slopes. Experience fun and action for the entire family on the toboggan runs on and nearby the Wildkogel. You can either goslowly and enjoy the quiet winter scenery or catch the slipstream racing down into the valley. Tobogganing in the Wildkogel-Arena is always fun!


The "likely longest toboggan run in the world" runs from the Wildkogel into the valley (every day until 10 pm). Visitors can comfortably travel to the starting point of the 14-km-long toboggan run via the Smaragdbahn Bramberg. Conquer the run and experience an awe-inspiring altitude change of 1,300m in 30 to 50 minutes while tobogganing on the Wildkogel.

The end of the run is only 100 m from the hotel. You can use anything that goes downhill – whether a speedy race toboggan, cosy sled or racy bobsleigh. If available, you can borrow free toboggans in the hotel or in the numerous nearby sports stores.

Kühnreitrodelbahn & Naturrodelbahn Stockenbaum

Tempo and team spirit are what you need on the Kühnreitrodelbahn (1.2 km away) and the Naturrodelbahn Stockenbaum (5.5 km). Going down the lighted natural runs is even more fun!

Erlebnisrodelbahn Nagelköpfel

The only toboggan run secured by safety nets from top to bottom can be found on the Erlebnisberg Nagelköpfel. You don’t just go downhill with the FunRodel – a custom-made product with integrated brakes and a mount –, it also takes you uphill via the T-bar lift.

Look forward to multifaceted tobogganing fun around the Senningerbräu and enquire today by phone or by e-mail!