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Nordic Walking, Laufen & Inlineskaten
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Nordic walking tours on the Wildkogel

Nordic walking, running & skating

Rosenbühelrunde: 5 km, easy
Wenns – towards Steinach – Rosenbühel – Wenns – Mühlbach – Wenns

The ideal tour for beginners. This Nordic walking tour on the Wildkogel runs along the cycling path for approx. 2 km. Passing the Kneipp site, the path slightly ascends from the Rosenbühel to the Gasthof Bergschmied, then descends and phases out with two flat kilometres.

Steinachrunde: 7.5 km, medium
Wenns – Steinach – eco-pond – Rosenbühel – Bergschmied – Mühlbach – Wenns

Follow the cycling path to the Kneipp site as outlined above with the Rosenbühelrunde. The route then continues on the cycling path until the eco-pond in Steinach and on to Rosenbühel, where the trail leads to Mühlbach along the Rosenbühelrunde.

Habachrunde: 12.5 km, medium
Wenns – Steinach – eco-pond – Habach – Steinach – Rosenbühel – Wenns – Mühlbach – Wenns

Follow the directions to the eco-pond as with the Steinrunde route. The route for Nordic walking near Bramberg am Wildkogel then continues to Habach. Moving past the Gasthaus Grundlhof to Steinach, the route again runs along the Steinachrunde.

Cross half-marathon: 21.5 km, challenging
Wenns – Steinach – Schönbach – Habach – Steinach – Rosenbühel – Wenns – Mühlbach – Naturlehrpfad – Hollersbach – Wenns


Follow the above directions to the Habachrunde, then continue on to Schönbach and back to Mühlbach. Continue on a slightly ascending forest path to the Naturlehrpfad Hollersbach and the swimming lake. Then head back to Mühlbach along the dam of the Salzach River.

Don’t miss out on these Nordic walking tours on the Wildkogel! These routes are also ideal for runners and skaters. Send your holiday enquiry today!