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Wanderungen im Untersulzbachtal
Hotel Senningerbräu | Panoramen

Hikes throughout the Untersulzbachtal

Tours near Hotel Senningerbräu

Neukirchen (856 m) | Stockeralm (1,280 m) | Finkalm (1,380 m)

Walking times: (from Einödbrücke parking area and Gasthof Schütthof) | Finkalm 2.5 h | Stockeralm 2.25 h

Directions: Starting point is the Gasthof Schütthof in the Sulzau district, where you can park. From here you follow the narrow road to the picturesque Untersulzbach waterfall. Ascend along the loop trail to the left or along the right side of the stream in view of the waterfall. Soon you reach the Knappenweg, which leads to the Untersulzbachtal.

Tip: Follow the Knappenweg and visit the Hochfeld mining museum (copper mine, tour duration approx. 2 hours).

You will now have the option to either descend or hike to the valley passing the Knappenwand (location of epidote discovery), via a slightly ascending trail towards the Stockeralm which alternates between the left and right shores of the stream. Alternately, take a right approx. 500 m before the Stockeralm, cross the bridge on the right or continue on the slightly steeper path to the Finkalm, which you reach after approx. 30 minutes. The way back is either the same as the way there or on the other side of the Sulzbach waterfall descending to the Gasthof Schütthof.

Your Hotel Senningerbräu hosts have more suggestions for your hikes through the Untersulzbachtal and are already looking forward to your visit!