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Wanderungen im Habachtal
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Hiking in the Habachtal

Our best hiking tips for you

Bramberg (819 m) | Enzianhütte (1,312 m) | Gasthof Alpenrose (1,384 m) | Moa Alm (1,410 m) | Thüringer Hütte (2,240 m)

Walking times: Enzianhütte 1.5 h | Alpenrose 2 h | Moa Alm 2.25 h | Thüringer Hütte approx. 5 h | Passages from the Neue Thüringer Hütte via Larmkogelscharte (2,934 m) to Fürther Hütte in Hollersbachtal approx. 4 h

Directions: Starting at the parking area, the forest road and the new Smaragdweg (with many interesting stages) lead past the Enzianhütte and the alpine inn Gasthof Alpenrose with a slight incline, and end shortly after the Moa Alm.

From here, a hiking trail leads further uphill on the steep, challenging Noitroi-Steig to the Neue Thüringer Hütte; or you may hike on the slightly longer but less steep regular path. Seasoned hikers can descend via the Larmkogelscharte (2,934 m) and the new Fürther Hütte to the Hollersbachtal (a two-day hike) when hiking in the Habachtal. Mountaineers can take the path from the Larmkogelscharte via the south ridge to the summit of the Larmkogel (3,022 m).

Information on Smaragdweg: Hikers can experience the scenic beauty on the new Smaragdweg and receive information on the mineralogy of the Habachtal explained in an easy-to-understand and entertaining manner.

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